Sunday, May 2, 2010

Digicitizen: A member of the great state of the WWW

This K12 Online Conference video about digital citizenship profiled a North Carolina High School's continued project to teach younger students about how to be a model digital citizen. The students used the idea of project based learning to learn about the different aspects. Each group chose a different area of study for their project. At the end they gave a presentation to explain what they learned. The presentations were in several different formats. Some of the presentations were videos, and some were powerpoints. No matter how they were presented the information given was very useful to everyday life, and life in the classroom. One presesntation was about "DWT" Driving While Texting. Because the problem has been in the news so much lately I was aware that more people die per year in accidents caused by DWT than DUIs, and that the level of impairment is the same. But, it was presented in such a way that the statistics made more of an impact on me than they have in the past. The short section on stealing identities online was also presented very well. I was also very impressed with the Digiteen Island, and the information on Digital Literacy.

If you would like additional information the teacher and class maintain a website:

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