Monday, March 29, 2010

The Changing Face of Technology

This Edutopia video about a girl named Nafiza tells about a young woman from New York that has taken a leadership role in helping other students create short movies using resources found online. The movies they make are about world issues. One video, "Student Work: A Child's War Machinima" is about child soldiers in Uganda. A second video Edutopia has posted, "Student Work: Race to Equality Machinima" was being worked on in Nafiza's profile video. This video talks about inequalities in youth education around the world.
Like Nafiza I am also constantly surrounded by technology- my blackberry rarely leaves my side- it is also my alarm clock! My greatest takeaway from this video was the several systems they used to make their movies. They create the story and characters in SecondLife. Within SecondLife they are able to take pictures, and then transfer the information to flicker, or make a comic with it. They are also able to use the information to make a PDF to add to a blog. The students are able to to all of this with no cameras. At one point the teacher the producers interviewed about Nafiza pointed out that every few years technology changes, and that one challenge a teacher has is to teach their students how to adapt to the constant changes. I agree with his opinion and hope that I am able to adequately teach my students how to adapt.

wr blogingbudys to day

This video “We Like Our Blogging Buddies: The Write Stuff with Blogging Mentors” tells about a study done by Patrick Lewis with the University of Regina. His Education major students blogged with first and second grader students in Kathy Cassidy's class. The students also communicated through Skype and met at the end of the semester.

Lewis found that there was a positive relationship for both the education students and the grade school students they were blogging with. The education students had more experience deciphering the made up spelling new language students use, while the grade school students had experience writing for an audience. The grade school students also learned quite a bit about punctuation.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

los libros

My class survey was about my favorite hobby- reading books. I personally read a variety of genres and I was interested in which genres other students read.
The first question I asked was "Do you read books as a leisure activity?" Two of my readers responded with yes, and the third responded "When I have time."
The second question I asked was "What is your favorite book? Please tell why." One survey responder said their favorite book was Dear John. Another responder responded with a repsonse about a book called Texas Lucky: "This book is a romance but the characters are so stubborn that the impeding romance is so hillarious to follow! I also love this is takes place in a country setting." The third responder talked about their favorite series as a child, "My favorite would have to be Moreta from Anne Mccaffery's Pern series. I have fond memories of getting the series as a birthday gift when I was a child and my favorite character from the series was Moreta, the namesake of the book."
The third question on my survey was a list of genres to choose from. The first responder chose both Romance and Fiction. The second responder chose Romance, Western, Classic Literature, Fiction, and Non-Fiction. The third responder chose Text books, Sci-Fi, Fantasy. I thought it was interesting that only one of the students responded that they read textbooks.