Monday, March 29, 2010

The Changing Face of Technology

This Edutopia video about a girl named Nafiza tells about a young woman from New York that has taken a leadership role in helping other students create short movies using resources found online. The movies they make are about world issues. One video, "Student Work: A Child's War Machinima" is about child soldiers in Uganda. A second video Edutopia has posted, "Student Work: Race to Equality Machinima" was being worked on in Nafiza's profile video. This video talks about inequalities in youth education around the world.
Like Nafiza I am also constantly surrounded by technology- my blackberry rarely leaves my side- it is also my alarm clock! My greatest takeaway from this video was the several systems they used to make their movies. They create the story and characters in SecondLife. Within SecondLife they are able to take pictures, and then transfer the information to flicker, or make a comic with it. They are also able to use the information to make a PDF to add to a blog. The students are able to to all of this with no cameras. At one point the teacher the producers interviewed about Nafiza pointed out that every few years technology changes, and that one challenge a teacher has is to teach their students how to adapt to the constant changes. I agree with his opinion and hope that I am able to adequately teach my students how to adapt.

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