Tuesday, March 23, 2010

los libros

My class survey was about my favorite hobby- reading books. I personally read a variety of genres and I was interested in which genres other students read.
The first question I asked was "Do you read books as a leisure activity?" Two of my readers responded with yes, and the third responded "When I have time."
The second question I asked was "What is your favorite book? Please tell why." One survey responder said their favorite book was Dear John. Another responder responded with a repsonse about a book called Texas Lucky: "This book is a romance but the characters are so stubborn that the impeding romance is so hillarious to follow! I also love this is takes place in a country setting." The third responder talked about their favorite series as a child, "My favorite would have to be Moreta from Anne Mccaffery's Pern series. I have fond memories of getting the series as a birthday gift when I was a child and my favorite character from the series was Moreta, the namesake of the book."
The third question on my survey was a list of genres to choose from. The first responder chose both Romance and Fiction. The second responder chose Romance, Western, Classic Literature, Fiction, and Non-Fiction. The third responder chose Text books, Sci-Fi, Fantasy. I thought it was interesting that only one of the students responded that they read textbooks.

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