Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gluten free; Glutton worthy!

The most significant thing that I learned from making this video is how easy it was to make. I feel that making a video like this would be a useful tool in the classroom. I could create a link like this to visually explain point, or my students could create one as well. I made this video about making gluten free cupcakes because I come from a family with many food allergies. Many of my siblings are lactose intolerant, and my mom started a gluten free diet over a year ago. I very recently started learning how to eat gluten free. With today's pre-made foods it is hard to keep up with a diet if you have food allergies. I wanted to illustrate that it is possible to use pre-made and still make good diet choices.


  1. Good job turning on comment moderation on your blog, too. :-)

  2. Great job on your VoiceThread with both your images and audio narration. I left you a voice comment on your last slide.