Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Clever Cameron

This EduTopia video about a young man named Cameron has a lot of great ideas about how to incorporate technology in the classroom and school.

My most significant "takeway" from the video was the way in which the adults in Cameron's life understand that all they need to do is give him the supplies he needs, and let him go. Sometimes as an educator it is difficult to back away from "educating" and allow the student to soak information in on their own.

As a child I was homeschooled for most of my elementary and all of middle school years. My family used the "un-schooling" theory, which is basically a new name for John Dewey's Progressive Education Theory. Dewey's theory relates to the idea that learning should be child led. The child should choose what they want to learn, and in many ways how they want to learn it. I was very excited to see that the teacher's at Cameron's school were able to incorporate this very non-restrictive practice into the general classroom by referring to him, listening to his ideas, and incorprating them in the classroom.

I feel one of the greatest implications of this video is the fact that Progressive education can be incorporated into the general classroom. I hope that as an educator I will be able to back up and let my students learn as well as Cameron's educators have.

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